Why #FudFree?

First things first, what on earth is FUD?

FUD stand for fear, uncertainty and doubt and if you have ever googled cyber security, or read a media article about this subject, you may have been left with one or all of those 3 feelings.

As someone who has been around the cyber security industry for almost 2 decades, I've seen enough FUD created to last a lifetime and my purpose, through this blog, is to start changing the narrative. 

The reality is our lives and businesses now co-exist in both the physical and online worlds and we should all be empowered to clearly understand the risks, so that we can make informed choices about securing our businesses and families. 

In the physical world we know how to make informed choices - maybe you have window locks installed but only lock them whilst on holidays or maybe you have chosen to install CCTV cameras outside your front door so that you can verify any visitors.  If you own a small business, maybe you pay a security company to monitor your CCTV and patrol your premises at night.  These choices are often based on our appetite for the amount of risk we are willing to accept and our available budget. 

Many of us find these choices easier to make in our physical lives because we are likely to be more familiar with the risks and the available solutions to help reduce our physical risks.  It's time to empower as many people as possible to be able to make these choices regarding the online world.

If you are still reading, now would be a good time to grab yourself a coffee, tea or your favourite drink and allow me the pleasure of sharing the world of cyber security with you via my blog - we will go behind the headlines, challenge the myths and unpack the details of this fascinating world, through a #FudFree lens.

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